Our advantages

Our advantages are trading terms that we offer to our clients.

InstaForex bonus points

InstaForex customers have a unique opportunity for online shopping in InstaForex branded store with earned bonus points. You can save up to 50%. InstaForex points are automatically credited to all live accounts for each closed deal. You can choose business accessories, promo clothing, and other original items to anyone's liking from a wide set of branded products.

ForexCopy System by InstaForex

The innovative service ForexCopy from InstaForex is a great chance to follow the steps of guru traders. The ForexCopy system is an advanced solution for top-level trading. Taking this option makes you free of investing in shared projects and widens opportunities for operating on the currency market. Every trader is able to choose deals to copy and settings he or she finds suitable.

InstaForex MasterCard

InstaForex together with MasterCard offers its clients a prepaid bank card. Using this bank card makes depositing and withdrawing funds from your trading account much easier. Thus, you can receive the money you have earned directly to the card within 24 hours. Another advantage of this service is the opportunity to replenish your trading account without paying extra commission. InstaForex MasterCard establishes direct connection between your trading account and cash.

Webinars by InstaForex

InstaForex always strives to give its clients the widest range of opportunities. Now the international broker has developed a special educational project webinars. Every our client can raise the level of professionalism being at any point of the world and not leaving his or her home. Interactive webinars are not less useful than regular seminars and organized with the help of the most up-to-date software. Webinars by InstaForex save you a bunch of time.

Forex options

InstaForex aims to deliver the latest trading technologies on Forex as well as high-quality services to its customers. Among such valuable advantages, there are such trading instruments as intraday binary options and expiry binary options. Options trading is available not only on live accounts but also on demo accounts. InstaForex makes options easier to access.

InstaForex futures

Futures are another ample opportunity to get a bigger profit. The most actively traded commodities on the market are crude oil, gasoline, gold, metals, etc. The futures market has a special meaning for many traders due to its high liquidity you can make profit in the shortest time. InstaForex offers its clients to trade many different futures contracts.

Fixed spreads

InstaForex customers are always sure that spreads (a charge by a broker for one executed deal) on all trading instruments except currencies will not change. InstaForex set a fixed spread for all its clients that allows traders to be more confident on Forex.

PAMM system

The PAMM accounts by InstaForex give you new opportunities for trading on Forex. The system makes available collective investment in various projects. Users make a certain choice whether to invest their own money in someone else's account or accept an investment from another trader. There are two types of the PAMM accounts. The holders of the first one are clients who act as investors and another one is for customers who manage funds or managing traders. This service helps new comers find their feet and acquire hands-on experience.

InstaForex Club

InstaForex provides its clients with one more great advantage to become a member of the luxury InstaForex club. The membership gives you access to a set of privileges including extra deposit bonuses. In addition, there are always many contests held among the club members, for example, car raffles. Raise you status in InstaForex just send an application form to get a club card.

InstaForex TV

InstaForex TV is yet another special project of the international broker. It is full featured TV with a broad range of programs about economy and finance. The company's clients are always in the loop of the hottest news, numerous analytical reviews, interviews, and reports. All the latest and important trends of the forex market as well as milestone events of the financial world are broadcast on InstaForex TV channel. InstaForex makes it easier to keep abreast of the latest events.

Forex analytics

InstaForex offers all users a broad set of financial analytics such as various reviews, economic calendar, and financial news. Analytical articles are the best tool for efficient work on Forex. Reliable analytics allows you to have your finger on the pulse of the latest tendencies thus giving you the chance to gain professional knowledge to make your own forecasts.

InstaForex offices

InstaForex has a large chain of offices worldwide rising every year. As of now, the total number of offices is 260. The main office is in Kaliningrad, the Russian Federation.

Financial exhibitions

InstaForex is one of the organizers of events held by a very popular company in financial circles, ShowFx World. It is a milestone event with great opportunities not only for brokers but also for different software developers, investment companies, educational projects, and of course for traders from all over the globe. Expositions enable visitors to get acquainted with the most up-to-date solutions on the forex market, discuss current trends in the financial industry, get finance-oriented literature, and take part in prize draws.

Trading servers

Today, we can say confidently that InstaForex is one of the leading forex brokers in the world. Its client base is over 1 million people, and trading volume is rising every day. The company's team strives to provide smooth operation of all trading servers. Presently, the trading system of InstaForex consists of 9 servers. The company's clients may choose any of the servers they want work on.

Prime News

InstaForex offers users fresh and essential news from the world of economy and finance every day. The Prime News section contains plenty of useful information. It is not only the latest tendencies on the markets, movements of stock and currency prices, analytical forecasts, but also financial reports of corporations on core figures, indexes, large deals, mergers, investments, etc. InstaForex guarantees accuracy, regular updates, and significance of data from the Prime News section.

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